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I help authors, speakers, and expert-based business owners be more confident and authentic in front of the camera.


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Todd Pillars is one part Technologist, one part Marketer, one part Creative, and all Entrepreneurial. After almost two decades as an I.T. Consultant, Todd picked up a camera and made the switch from analytical to creative, becoming a professional photographer. Now Todd combines all his experience into a recipe for success…


I’m a portrait photographer. My specialty is Headshots and Personal Branding photos. For most people getting your photo taken can be an anxiety-producing event. It doesn’t have to be! I make it fun and enjoyable with no time limit or limits on change of outfits. We shoot until you get the shots you want and only pay for the shots you need. 


Your Branding is your first impression. It is so, so important to your online image. At the risk of sounding cliche, you get what you pay for when it comes to Personal Branding. I am a photographer that is also a business owner and an Entrepreneur. My Branding sessions include two 2-hour strategy sessions that will make sure you get exactly the shots you need to look good to your clients.


As a small-business owner, I know the importance of Marketing – especially Social Media Marketing, and how it relates to the success of your business. Once we create great images for your online presence I can help you create a tactical game-plan to make the most out of your images. 

If you’re the face of your business,
your face is my business!


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