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Picking up the tradition Chris Brogan started 13 years ago I’ve thought long and hard about what three words will guide me through this year. Why? Because I’ve never done it before and my year didn’t turn out as I would have liked. So, let’s give it a whirl and prove Chris right!

2019 was a strange year.

Looking back on the ups and downs of 2019 only one word came to mind: Meh.

There were some amazing high points, like becoming a Certified Go-Giver Speaker with Bob Burg (I have been a Certified Coach since 2011) and spending a long weekend honing my photography skills with Peter Hurley, (arguably) the best Headshot photographer in the world. But, the frustrations of not completing a couple of key goals really got me down.

My 3 words

Humor. Life can be decidedly unfunny at times. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found it harder to laugh about things – especially about myself. I’m going to consciously look for the lighter side of things, and in the process, hopefully, make others laugh too.

Empathy. Generalizing, I think we assume this to mean “walk a mile in another person’s shoes.” There’s more to it though, or as Bob says, “but we all have different sized feet!” Our environment causes us to look at things differently. We all have our own unique perspectives. I’m going to listen more to try and understand the why of what people say and do.

Consistency. Fits and starts almost killed me last year. I’ve created a schedule for on my calendar until activities and tasks become a habit. Life happens, but I’m less likely to get derailed if I have a strong habit of regularly getting things done. I’m not going to repeat last year!

What about you?

Leave a comment below with your three words or join the conversation over in Twitter with #My3Words. See you soon!

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